Part 1: Davinci Resolve 18: Colour Grading – Essentials

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Filmmaking with Unreal Engine is a classroom course (in-person) designed for anyone looking to learn filmmaking and visual effects in Unreal Engine 4 and 5. We’ll take you from Beginners to Mastery in 10 days.

This course is a group-buy of course material from a variety of industry professional instructors, carefully curated to take you from beginner to mastery level. Some of this material will be from the Unreal Engine Fellowship Course from Epic Games that our team were selected to join during the pandemic. By the end of the course you’ll feel confident and skilled to be able to create a professional movie within Unreal Engine 4 and 5. It will also help to create a strong skill set for Virtual Production, which due to its nature of real time composition and live filming, will require quick thinking and Unreal Engine expertise. Virtual Production will be a separate course in the future.

Each part of the course takes 1 day to complete (7 hours) and there are currently 10 parts to the full course. More parts will be added over time to further improve your skillset. You’ll need to complete each part in order to progress through the full course. The course will be a classroom course with live instructors so that they can help you along the journey if you need help with anything.

If you already have some experience with Unreal Engine, talk to our instructor and you can join the course at your skill level. Or you can start with Part 1 as a refresher for your core skills.

At the end of the full course, you’ll be encouraged to make a short film movie using all the skills you’ve learnt and this movie will be viewed and critiqued by your peers for your self development.

To run Unreal Engine 4 and 5, you will need a PC, Mac or Laptop that can meet the minimum specifications in the link below. If your computer does not match the minimum specifications, you can also run Unreal Engine from the Cloud using your internet browser with affordable rates per hour from a variety of vendors. Amazon seem to be one of the cheapest services and the link for their´Studio in the Cloud´ is listed below:


Unreal Engine 4.27 (Free)
Unreal Engine 5.0 (Free)
Adobe After Effects (Paid, optional)
Blackmagic Design Fusion (Free)
Blender (Free, optional)


* Personal Computer (PC), Laptop or Mac
Minimum hardware recommendations listed here:

* Studio in the Cloud with Unreal Engine 5 (If your computer cannot run Unreal Engine):


Part 1 will walk you through all the basics of using Unreal Engine 5: from installation, all the way through building your first scene using Quixel Megascans and the built-in features of Unreal.

The course is designed for total beginners, in order to teach you everything you need to know before you advance further with Part 2 and beyond.

If you are brand new to Unreal Engine, or if you just want to get a better foundational understanding of Unreal, this is the course for you. The focus of this course is exposing you to the important functions and processes you will need to become familiar with as you learn Unreal Engine, and to explain them in a way that allows you to follow along. It is important to teach not just the “how” but the “why” of each process, as that is what gives the best foundational understanding of any learning material.

For Part 1, you’ll learn the following topics:

  • How to install and set up Unreal Engine 4, 5 and Quixel Megascans
  • How to create a new project
  • Basic navigation menus for Unreal Engine 4 and 5
  • Integrate Quixel Megascans for access to thousands of free, high-quality assets
  • Understand how materials work in Unreal Engine
  • Basic lighting – Enable Lumen and learn lighting basics
  • Basic scene construction